is everything you are

by TL;DR

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released June 21, 2013

Recorded at Dacha Studios and the Rat's Nest, Madison, WI.
Engineered by Lonya Nenashev and Mike Janusz.
Mixed by TL;DR and Mike Janusz.
Mastered by Collin Jordan at Boiler Room.
Songs by TL;DR.



all rights reserved


TL;DR Madison, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Michael Henchard
You cannot win
So just give in
You sealed your fate
So why wait?

The ink is dry on your paper
Go on and kiss your maker
I think you've reached your nadir
And lost all that you made here

You never had a fair fight
Since that fated fair night
You sold your love to a sailor
And she left you a failure

I thought myself bloodthirsty
Now I pray your mercy
You've had your fair share of torment
Now give our hero his formant
Track Name: Within My Reach
well I heard she left, with the noontide's ebb
smoked my last cigarette, as I watched her silhouette,
receding to the sunset

waves crash against the shore, in a quiet semaphore
but all I got is this beach within my reach,
all I got is this beach within my reach

and she ended on the sands of a distant land
where bonfires burned, a point of no return
a point of no return

there came a fond farewell from the ocean swell
now I'll never be free, and I'll never be free
because I still hear those screams, in my dreams
all I hear are those screams, in my dreams
Track Name: Cold Coffee
drinking cold coffee left over from the day before
smoking butts stamped onto the floor
reading from the sears catalog, sucking milk up from the sog
gonna get a cheap thrill tonight

she don't know what he's good for

a misspelling besmirches the page
like a lipstick stains a toothy grin
peeling paint, straining to hold onto the wall
flipping away in the wind
now a spot bared, now a house humbled

she don't know what he's good for
Track Name: Desert Island
Couldn't take it so I left one night
For a second life in paradise
Where I wandered through the wilderness
To escape society's illnesses

And I don't know what my next meal will be
Could be dirt, some leaves, or anything
A pile of rotting fish or twigs
Or it could just be another night on this

Desert island
This desert island
Whoa whoa

Now I'm here and I've got my life
And I've got no way to spend my time
Except to root around the the forest floor
And reminisce about my life before

How I woke up every morning at 10:15
Watched some movies, flipped through some magazines
I can deal with collecting my own food
But I'm just so goddamn sick of this...
Track Name: Walking Through The Dark
Sanctions against a belief
No moral quandaries in beating a thief?
A nation of faces stood staring at their feet
No violence against the weak

But now armies stand ready to fight
For the honor of bleeding black and white
With no need to avoid, and no recourse in sight
A battle rages into the night

And now we're walking through the dark
of an empty amusement park
You can hear the remarks of the carnival barkers
Lobbed at their targeted marks

And now we're walking through the dark
of an empty amusement park
Where the gods of the car parks fire acid-tipped lawn darts
on every marketing lark
Track Name: Little Icarus
Why do you try so hard?
It crumbles into dust
The castles you build in the sand succumb to the sea
It's almost guaranteed

You should have learned long ago not to fly too close to the sun
Or fall back down to the earth
Your little wings weren't built to be taken outside
You'll live and die with that curse.

Goddamn you fell so far
At least in terms of your height
You whiled away years staring up at the sky
Wishing that you were in flight

And when you looked out of your window
at the stars that twinkled and shined
Like flames aburst in the night
No one would ever care who you are
A guttered candlelight
Track Name: Labyrinths
You have bagged a deer in your takeout container
You have brought home the hunt in your large car
All the good stuff was gone, didn't leave a remainder
There's a store up ahead for what you've sought
The tiny items finally fold
Serendipity or plan-o-gram?

I see your dirt I see your scum
I see your rust and I wanna run

The flip of the month crashes down now
Doesn't matter, it's just a spin
You feel enchanted, you feel no remorse
Ceding to the will of the wind
I'm taking solace in what I know
I've got my best souvenirs
I'm taking solace in what I know
I haven't changed in years
Track Name: Deist Clock
I've been leaving you out in the rain
and I think that this might engender some pain
before too long
The side effect of neglect is a chore
but i think you've come to settle the score

Somehow the founding fathers got it right
now the gears are grinding to a halt
smoke is blotting out the sun
everyone says it's not our fault

there's nothing left to do
but drive it down to dry
get out and walk
hell I'll stop when midnight strikes
these are the very last ticks
of a deist clock
doesn't matter what kind of damage i do at this point

couldn't put it to wax because the static dug in too deep
now no ones got a record that they wanna repeat
the black grows tall, so hold my calls
another alley formed
you got a lack of light in your apartment
inhabiting on the decline
and what was familiarly friendly and fine
was turned into debris made by the divine

there's nothing left to do
but drive it down to dry
get out and walk
hell i'll stop when midnight strikes
these are the very last ticks
of a deist clock
doesn't matter what kind of damage i do at this point
Track Name: More Than You Bargained For
here i am lamenting
that i didn't get another hit
when really i wish
that shit just didn't exist
we're slightly loaded up
but not enough to make a difference
just enough for you
to get tired and lose interest

i won't feel the cold anymore
since you slipped away undertow
the sense that you're getting
is more than you bargained for

running with the hare
and hunting with the hounds
decisions are made, derision displayed
when you're not around i can feel it
can you feel it too?
oh i'm just fucking with you
Track Name: Six String and Gun Serenade + Temperature
This is my six string and gun serenade
Everyone follow me with their shanks and grenades
No one knows their head from a hole in the wall
a vicious cycle of watching empires fall

There goes it all
falls to the ground
without a sound

This is my robotic monkey brigade
taking hostage the kings in the castle we raid
planting seeds for tomorrow's revolution
kissing fireflies, a syncopated evolution now

hear it so loud
without a sound
without a sound

When I want to know about the temperature
I just boot up this machine and it will tell me

I open up a browser, wait for it to load
go to a website, enter my zip code
hit submit and hopefully it shows
this vital information about the temperature

when i want to go somewhere, wind blowing in my hair
i just hit the open road and i go driving

but first i gotta get some PTO
don't have enough but i can borrow some so
check tire pressure, oil change and go
out west, follow the GPS into the sunset
Track Name: Telling You
Azure fields unfold to celadon
and light sears through capital letters once again

You can help yourself if you're hungry
It's great to see you again
Feel the ridge of the carpet on your bare feet
We don't have to leave before ten

Today we're awake and living in languor
It's a priceless moment
We don't have to fill the silence with anything

And should I feel like I participated?
While the rest of you got sated?
Dead air, rests, and space
Go underrated

Packed in the back for a time
Otherwise I'm a marble in your eye
The haze of the day leaves a lasting impression
Why is completing something such an obsession?

Now I'm telling, telling, telling you
I'm telling, telling, telling you
I'm not selling, selling, you
On the idea of having a good time waiting around