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no time for sleep

by TL;DR

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early risers 05:36
she’s got a run in her hose and it’s bracingly cold and then they run to the car and when they get to the door he says i’m kind of messed up i don’t think i can drive and a part of her wants to say he’s gonna be fine but then he drops his keys so she takes it as a sign to hail down a cab and get some peace of mind she’s got a seven forty five and another at nine and she ain’t gonna be on time he staggers with a cup being led around by a cigarette butt but then he’s shaken by the sound of the bands warming up and it sounds pretty good for a couple of punks early risers say they love the first breaks of dawn but it ain’t worth braving when the night’s been drawn out so so long i got to be at work before the light and i’m nervous about it nervous about it tonight she’s standing there alone and looking at the moon that’s lighting up the street like a hospital room thinking of the lines of her bones on the screen thinking of the smudge thinking what it could mean tomorrow can wait it’s coming too soon and her head is floating up like a black balloon the light is pouring down on the roofs of the town like it could make the clock stop
summer summary it’s better when the hum comes back around the boys are rigged and loud slaking from the crest the girls are rigged and loud they thrum the beat of the news i used to know the ruses you used to run with they’re just another year removed the din of the room gets to its loudest roar but that’s alright and now we’re just the background and it makes it easier to get untied the hammer of the bell swings again now sit in the last row with me i’ve got no problem so be easy and lower your eyebrow and the teach can’t see what we’re writing
sparks fly a hundred miles an hour lighting a million minds on fire electricity pulsing louder and louder through your body exploding like crossed wires and i’ve got no time for sleep i’m doubling down i’m getting serious i’m taking it all i’m getting imperious when you’re nodding to the subtle rhythms the urges might creep up on you again watch your limbs move angles see which way they can bend
days 06:01
why don’t you stay away from here go hide under the rug and at the dimly lit sides of the bar we’re not the kind to assuage your fears you’re man of the year but we’ll draw the curtain again again you’re just a mar in the scene i’m just being honest i’m not being mean all you’ll get is disdain if you lived our life you could sing our refrain oh yeah these days there’s very little consequence for all small mistakes i’m a doctor without a cure i could tell you what’s wrong but i couldn’t be sure it’s just a personal shine if i told how it wouldn’t be mine oh no you can’t run to the number i can’t walk alone you can’t run to the feeling i can’t walk alone
i thought you would look like the model from the pages of the magazine called your 900 number hoping for some love or some pity i’m not a worldly man i’m just looking for love like everybody else wanted my money back but who doesn’t? yeah who doesn’t got a little lonesome and i thought maybe i’d take a little comfort there it gets so cold in my apartment down on fordem avenue 80 bucks ain’t much if you can buy yourself some love like everybody else you weren’t who i thought you were will you ever be? weren’t who i thought you were could you ever be? [thanks to Joel DeSpain]
on my own again i’m on always on my own i’m always fixing things gone wrong alone with me all alone now the lights are low and it’s time to go the curtain’s swinging closed the end’s coming on so slow and now i’m at the end of my rope no oxygen i wasted my life a road divides i take the fork i pull a straw it comes up short i build a home it falls apart i take a shot i miss the mark
i woke up this morning without a thought in my head but it all came back to me wanna know what it said? it said deeds left undone words left unsaid promises made promises kept i woke up this morning with the sun coming in and the world turning round me crawling under my skin woke up this morning i’m still sleeping it seems gotta get out of bed and wash away all my dreams
circles 02:57
it’s gonna be a bit of a hurt on the outskirts doing dirt some people are very nice they hide their troubles and their vice but when your face is up on the screen make sure it’s got a brilliant sheen it’s not going to be all it seems but that’s just the way of things i know what you gotta go through don’t you want to get rid of all the blur and the blue yes it’s crucial make sure it looks like you paid your dues or you’re going to not at all what you want to do but you gotta shades and gradients become a steep slope pack a mirror pointed inwards lose the ’tude and the rope make a proper stand and a glance and it’ll serve to enhance summarize your varied pursuit into something pithy and cute
exit the driveway and get on the highway wander the empty alleys and byways as fast as the concrete beneath our feet we’ll ride past the wheat by the side of the street we’ll see ourselves shrinking behind in the distance blue skies past the dashboard silently glistening come on in the water is fine feel it refreshing like cool summer nights forget cold grey stockrooms and company cars ride with me here to the edge of the stars we’ll go far away where the skies are so bright and comets will rain down upon us at night with a radiant spectrum so eerily white our reflection will shine in a shadowless light across the cosmos in a parallel existence a mysterious warm acute intuition a heavenly hallway of empty compartments of infinite things in infinite assortments
sister 03:46
you’re a morose cummerbund with a mouth big enough for baleen your blood tastes like saline just what i need on a summer’s day you traded braces for embraces but i still made you mind the gap while i savored your mishaps from the safety of a hunting blind let’s while away the bile watching rockford file reruns put away your missiles this is our final idle season i’ll miss your missives and your callous blisters if we can find a way to balance out the ballast sister
comatose 04:41
this isn’t the right direction but i’m gonna go down swinging in case it is grease and blisters cover my hands they pry off caps and they unscrew lids and i look into the belly of this beast and i realize i might not like what remains but it’s better for my things to be broken so that i can stay sane in my house there’s a new room there’s a new shift there’s a new boon there’s a mindset i’ve taken too soon i can’t help it and i need you lately you’ve been silent but maybe i can give you a lift if not at least i know people like you exist if this is the way it’s gonna be then it’s gonna be this way and i’m almost comatose and i can’t take hold artifacts roam the country in my old automobile they relive ancient pastimes every time i get behind the wheel some say i shouldn’t fix it that i deserve what is wrong but i say that i’ve been pushing this heap around been pushing it for far too long i know with this hood down that i’ve got no periph and i might slip into another rift so if you don’t drift you can catch me if you notice your tunes they stick to the fold of my mind to the heel of my shoe and the garbage that remains is just the damage that’s due if this is the way it’s gonna be then it’s gonna be this way


released August 1, 2014


all rights reserved



TL;DR Madison, Wisconsin

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